XparentRadical Accountability

SEPTEMBER 15, 2015

Xparent gets moving!

If you believe that transparency and accountability are paramount for non-profits and tax-funded institutions, then read further. Xparent may be what you had been waiting for.

I don't know what your perception is on the transparency and accountability of your local government. Personally, I feel there is plenty of space for improvement. Most of the information is usually restricted to expenses on a website and a collection of invoices. No read access is granted to government bank accounts, so the tracking of income and expenses is virtually inexistent which brings about the root for corruption.

Precisely, Xparent aims to provide full traceability by treating each Bitcoin address as you would a bank account and the real-life identity of its owner. Since all Bitcoin transactions are public and verifiable there is no room for cheating. Unlike bank reports, you can be certain the results obtained by querying the blockchain reflect the real ownership of bitcoins. Moreover, the digital nature of the ledger lets you display the information in the way that best helps you understand the flow of transactions among participants.

Non-profits may also find Xparent useful by providing additional transparency to reinforce the sense of purpose for contributors. Besides, Bitcoin may prove to be perfectly suited for inexpensive international transactions to instantly reach those in need.

If you want to be transparent with Xparent, you only need to publish your config.json file next to your donation Bitcoin address. It is mostly non-intrusive and yes, it is that easy!

Go check the online app, run the demo and get an idea of how it works: navigate around the departments, browse the graphs, download the PDF report... You are welcome.