XparentRadical Accountability

Bitcoin to the rescue

Why Xparent?

Non-profits and tax-funded institutions should be accountable about the origin of their income and the destination of their expenses. Xparent uses the blockchain to evaluate the transparency and traceability of Bitcoin transactions.

No external auditors

Xparent does not rely on external auditors checking expenses or on copies of invoices. Anyone can verify at any time the origin and destination of expenses.

Transparency score

Organizations fund their departments and pay their providers using Bitcoin. Xparent analyzes this information and provides a final transparency score.

Xparent in action

Graphical interface

Xparent provides these diagrams: Balance, Revenues, Expenses, Calendar, List of Offending Transactions and Final Transparency Score.

Get reports

You can get a PDF report on your device to browse the results at your leisure.

Real-time auditing

Xparent does not know what quaterly audits are. He only knows real-time. Xparent does not sleep.

The techies bit

How to be transparent?

If you are receiving donations or you are the owner of a budget, just show a link to your Xparent definition file next to your public Bitcoin address. It's that easy!

What is the Xparent definition file?

It is a simple JSON file. It contains the root Bitcoin address, the mapping of authorized payment recipients to Bitcoin addresses and the hierarchy of the organization.

What are the future plans?

The real identities associated to Bitcoin addresses might be signed by PGP or national identiy cards, or by accessing a public repository.